Artifacts vs ecofacts

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Artifact (archaeology)

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Archaeology 101: Artifact versus Feature

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Features vs. Artifacts & Ecofacts

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Features vs. Artifacts & Ecofacts

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British English users change artefact, although they sometimes use good as well. Features vs. Artifacts & Ecofacts Posted on September 23, by cabennet I think one of the most misunderstood aspects of archaeology is that artifacts are more important than features in telling us about the past.

Artifacts vs. Ecofacts Many people who know little about archaeology probably have little clue of the difference between artifacts and ecofacts. Yes, the prefixes of the words are different, but they’re both a.

While exploring ancient ruins and forgotten temples, archaeologists and adventures love to stumble upon relics of a long-dead culture. Some of these objects have incredible cultural significance, while others are worth huge sums of money to collectors.

Artifacts vs. ecofacts Artifacts should be distinguished from the main body of archaeological stratigraphic features, (those nonportable remains of human activity, such as hearths, roads, or remains) and from artifacts that are biofacts or ecofacts. Artifacts vs. Ecofacts Many people who know little about archaeology probably have little clue of the difference between artifacts and ecofacts.

Yes, the prefixes of the words are different, but they’re both a type of “fact”. Seeds, pollen, animal bone, insects, fish bones, and mollusks are all ecofacts; the category includes both inorganic and organic ecofacts. faunal ecofacts CATEGORY: term; fauna DEFINITION: Ecofacts derived from animals, including bones, teeth, antlers, and so forth.

Artifact (archaeology)

They are usually subdivided into human remains and nonhuman ecofacts.

Artifacts vs ecofacts
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