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Translation Studies Requirements

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Comparative Literature

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Maria Tymoczko is Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Her research and publications have earned her an international reputation in three fields: Translation Studies; Celtic medieval literature; and Irish Studies, with a specialty in literature in both.

The concentration in Comparative Literature at BU is designed for students whose interest in literature embraces works in multiple languages.

A fundamental project of Comparative Literature is to cultivate reading across linguistic boundaries in order to highlight everything that the exclusive focus.

Comparative Literature and Critical Translation, M.St.

The Trans-Cultural Comparative Literature Method: Using Grammar Translation Techniques Effectively. T his article describes the Trans-Cultural Comparative Literature Method, an inno-vative way to use literature to teach Guidelines for the Trans-Cultural Comparative Literature Method.

His research interests include translation and culture, history of translation, Arabic literature, and cultural representation. He is the author of Translation and the Manipulation of Difference: Arabic Literature in Nineteenth-Century England, St. Jerome/Routledge, The Certificate in Translation Studies adds an attractive dimension to Comparative Literature Ph.D.

degrees and to all foreign language and English Ph.D. degrees. Translation is a fascinating and challenging field of study for both graduate and undergraduate students. The translation specialization is designed to encourage and enable students to apply, or at least to relate, what they have understood from their theoretical study about the possibilities inherent in translation and about philosophical goals to approaches, techniques and choices made by translators.

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