Donner party

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10 Things You Should Know About the Donner Party

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Donner party

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8 Facts You Might Not Know About the Donner Party

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If it had worked out differently, the group of settlers that came to be known as the Donner Party would have slipped over the Sierra Nevada into California—and obscurity.

But poor planning, a. Donner party, group of American pioneers stranded en route to late87 immigrants led by George and Jacob Donner were trapped by heavy snow in. One hundred and sixty-nine years ago, the first rescue crew arrived at Donner Lake, encountering a scene of carnage that still shocks all this time later.

Of the 89 men, women and children who. Three years before the Gold Rush, 87 pioneers took a shortcut westward to California, only to get caught in the snows of the Sierra Nevada.

Donner Party

The emigrants' fateful journey culminated in death and. As the rest of the party continued to what is now known as Donner’s Lake, snow began to fall. Stanton and the two Indians who were traveling ahead made it as far as the summit, but could go no further.

- Evidence reveals what the Donner Party ate during their final days of being snowbound in the Sierra Nevada.

- After eating the family dogs and other animal meat, some members ate bones, hides.

Donner Party Donner party
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