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Paper Bags Business: How to Start Eco Friendly Paper Bags Company

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How to Start Rice Business?

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HYDERABAD: At $ billion largest FDIs in a greenfield project Ramayapatnam in Coastal Andhra Coastal Andhra’s Prakasam district Asia Pulp & Paper Group Andhra Indi.

Previous Post. Oct 19,  · The Andhra Pradesh Minister for Major Industries, Sugar, Commerce and Export Promotion, Ms J. Geeta Reddy, has directed the Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation Ltd (APIIC) to expedite support to infrastructure for the Fab City project coming up near Hyderabad.

Hyderabad: Cisco Systems, a global major in planning, designing and implementing smart cities, and its technology solutions partner Paradigm Mtuity, will implement a pilot project under Hyderabad Smart City.

The Telangana government, Cisco and Mtuity have come together to plan Hyderabad Smart City by identifying relevant technology interventions/use cases. Jan 10,  · Hyderabad airport adds 26 aircraft parking stands. Our expansion plan has proactively accommodated all these conditions to ensure enhanced service quality and faster turnaround times.” Asia Pulp to set up Rs.

24,cr major paper unit in AP’s Prakasam district. Highlights of Hyderabad Master Plan The Hyderabad Master Plan for Hyderabad Metropolitan Region covers an area of around, which consists of: Extended area of HMDA of Areas covered by Outer Ring Road Growth Corridor i.e., 1.

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