Recycling campaign

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Recycle your clothes

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Recycling is one of many ways fulfil our goals towards a sustainable future, and so far, we’ve collected more than 17, tonnes of textiles — the equivalent of 89 million T-shirts.

There is a clear current problem that exists within the waste organization industry but there will always be a solution to a problem. Yes! This solution was collaborated by a team of hardworking, determined, passionate, and SMART individuals who came together serve and help people start R.E.C.Y.C.L.I.N.G.

Start recycling with us NOW! Find out all about recycling and waste services in Leicestershire, including how you can reduce waste, reuse materials, recycle and compost, and how you can get involved. Computer recycling, electronic recycling or e-waste recycling is the disassembly and separation of components and raw materials of waste electronics.

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Although the procedures of re-use, donation and repair are not strictly recycling, they are other common sustainable ways to dispose of IT waste. Welcome to the Let’s Recycle Together campaign page.

Let’s Recycle Together is a new campaign by Zero Waste SG. We aim to encourage more HDB residents to recycle using the existing blue recycling bins in their estates, and to educate them on recycling correctly. The export of recyclable materials is a key component of California's recycling infrastructure.

Recent changes to international policies restricting foreign imports of recyclable materials, coupled with the need to reduce contamination levels in recycling streams and a declining global market value for some recyclables, have resulted in significant challenges for the solid waste and recycling.

Recycling campaign
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