Victim advocate

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What is a Victim Advocate?

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Victim Advocates

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What is a Victim Advocate?

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MOVA upholds and advances the rights of crime victims and witnesses by providing outreach and education, policy advocacy, policy and program development, legislative advocacy, grants management and service referrals. Escape. If you are in danger, call If you need to exit this website quickly, click on the ESCAPE button.

This button will immediately open a browser window for and replace your current window with Officer, Bridget Daly Musteata, Law Enforcement Victim Advocate & Forensic Interviewer.

Lyman Police Department “Grandma I am now in a club at school called Fuss Busters, we have meetings for kids who are arguing and fighting.

Escape. If you are in danger, call If you need to exit this website quickly, click on the ESCAPE button. This button will immediately open a browser window for and replace your current window with Help for Crime Victims.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of a crime, help may be available. The Office of Victim Services may be able to help with medical bills and counseling expenses; burial and funeral costs; lost wages; and other types of assistance. What Is It?

Victim advocates are professionals trained to support victims of crime. Advocates offer victims information, emotional support, and help finding resources and filling out paperwork.

Victim advocate
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